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First Timers kicks off for another year!

First Timers is starting again for its 4th incarnation with more workshops, more socials, more bands and more gigs! If you haven’t heard of First Timers yet then head over to their tumblr and website and have your heart melted by this delightfully wholesome DIY-punk dream-making project where musical hopefuls who never felt welcomed by existing music scenes turn […]

Synth Punk Fest LDN 2017: Over for another year…

WHAT A DAY!!! It’s always strange when something you’ve been planning for months all culminates into a single one-day event. All the emailing,  promoting, decision-making, back-and-forth-ing, printing, accounting and so on just becomes, in this case, 7 hours of activities and entertainment for the general public. And then it’s all over. Nonetheless, i’m hoping that […]