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Jaca interviewed by Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is Everything is a charity that works towards making UK music venues more accessible to Deaf and disabled music fans. As part of their release of the DIY Access Guide that outlines ways that smaller promoters and venues can make their gigs more accessible with little to no money, they interviewed our own Jaca […]

First Timers kicks off for another year!

First Timers is starting again for its 4th incarnation with more workshops, more socials, more bands and more gigs! If you haven’t heard of First Timers yet then head over to their tumblr and website and have your heart melted by this delightfully wholesome DIY-punk dream-making project where musical hopefuls who never felt welcomed by existing music scenes turn […]

Synth Punk Fest LDN 2017: Over for another year…

WHAT A DAY!!! It’s always strange when something you’ve been planning for months all culminates into a single one-day event. All the emailing,  promoting, decision-making, back-and-forth-ing, printing, accounting and so on just becomes, in this case, 7 hours of activities and entertainment for the general public. And then it’s all over. Nonetheless, i’m hoping that […]

Synth Punk Manifesta

Ahead of Synth Punk Fest LDN 2017 that is happening in just 2 DAYS(!!!), here’s the Synth Punk Manifesta that we put together to explain the politics behind the event, which also underlines a lot of our reasons for doing what we do in general and being involved in ‘punk’, DIY and activist communities. CN: […]


Ok i know this is pretty late as the site has been up since June, but better late than never, am i right? So welcome! Welcome to the Freer Ideas Official Website! We haven’t got much up yet but take a look at the About sections to get a feel for what we do, who we are […]