Freer Ideas is a UK-based project that aims to empower marginalised individuals & communities through music lessons and workshops, event organisation and music performance.

Freer Ideas is a collective project that organises music events, lessons and workshops in the UK. We encourage, empower and support musicians of any ability through affordable and accessible music lessons as well as organising gigs and jam nights that aim to be as inclusive as possible, showcasing musicians from different backgrounds and making lesser known voices heard.

As well as offering instrumental lessons in London and Brighton, Freer Ideas has delivered workshops for beginner drummers around the UK and hosted live music events at the award-winning venue The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, monthly beginners’ jam nights at DIY Space for London, all-day festival Synth Punk Fest LDN and a series of workshops for First Timers 2017.

We especially acknowledge the difficulties women, trans people, people of colour, disabled people, queer/LGBTQIA+ people and working class, unemployed and other marginalised people can face in accessing musical spaces, especially when these identities intersect, and we actively aim to challenge the barriers to musical learning and expression that these people can face.