Jaca interviewed by Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is Everything is a charity that works towards making UK music venues more accessible to Deaf and disabled music fans.

As part of their release of the DIY Access Guide that outlines ways that smaller promoters and venues can make their gigs more accessible with little to no money, they interviewed our own Jaca Freer about how they have made DIY gigs more accessible.

“The first thing I did was make sure the accessibility adjustments that the venue and I had provided clear in the promotion, inspired by¬†the Access Starts Online campaign. I made a post in the Facebook event page covering wheelchair accessibility, transport, a map showing the route from the venue to the accessible toilets, lyric captioning and the Chill Out Corner.”

Read the full interview here.

Download the DIY Access Guide here.

Attitude is Everything are also offering to help promote gigs, tours and bands that implement the accessibility measures from the guide, so read it and get on it!

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